Portada Abeja


The exportation is composed mainly of biological material, this is divided in particular into two specific branches: «Queen Bees» and «Bee Packages». All bees come from the same genetic branch to ensure high quality and homogeneity in all exported bees.
The bees follow a genetic line cultivated by Don Joaquin Nuñez that results from a cross between Carnica Apis Mellifera and Italian bees resulting in a gentle bee, free of Africanization, with great capacity to winter, high production of honey, good posture and hygiene inside the hive . All these characteristics have led to productions of between 80 kg to 200 kg of honey (subject to natural conditions of the sector / country).

Queen Bees

Our queen bees are fertilized and sold in boxes of 184 units and each one comes in a cage together with 5 nurses and their respective food.

Package bees

The packets of bees come in a cardboard box specially designed for transport and consist of 1 kg of bees plus a fertilized queen. The boxes are designed to be easily opened and introduce the bees to their new hive without difficulty. It is recommended not to let the bees spend a long time in the boxes and introduce them into their hives to avoid further stress